This is my second and longest film ever

» Posted on Youtube on 1 September 2013

My first film was fiction. Now, my second film is non-fiction. It is about the environment. And it is the longest film I have ever made. 11 minutes.

It happened like this:

This term in school, we are doing a special theme project on The Environment. One day my dad asked me if I would like to go to Melbourne with him to support some farmers and some people who work to protect the environment.

I said yes, that sounded great.

Then I made a sign, and my dad helped me set it up in the computer so we could print it, and we went around to find a stick for it. It said ‘Common sense now’, because it seems to me people are not using their common sense when it comes to the environment. I am explaining about this in the end of the film.

When the day came, my brother and sister went for a soccer match, and my dad and I teamed up with Tony, who also lives in Geelong and works for the protection of the environment. (He was born in Southern Cross in Western Victoria and is an ex-high school teacher, and a dad. My dad was born in Denmark, like me, and is a journalist who writes a lot about the environment, evil smoke and climate change on a special website for that.)

We put three signs together in the last minute, and my dad took his camera along. What happened after that is what you can see on the film.

I hope you will like it.


Hey-hey! Ho-ho! We went into the streets for the environment

‘Farmers & friends against fracking’ rally in Melbourne on 18 August 2013.

More about this event: An ABC report and more photos

Video on youtube: Gippsland Farmers Against Fracking

We need to aim higher

Images from a youth conference in Melbourne in July

Great cartoon film about the environment


We saw this film in school, ‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’. It is an American computer-animated 3D musical fantasy comedy film from 2012 with a good environment message – about a boy who lives in a polluted wasteland without any trees.

See us singing a song from the movie – and read more about the film

At home, I am a Green Ninja now 🙂
Every morning, when we leave for school, I take a round in the house to check that all lights, water and tv is off.

Where does coal, gas and oil come from?
Here’s a film which explains how gas, oil and coal – the “fossil fuels” – was created, and what kind of problems they create for us now:

» Kids for Climate Safety’s home page: Climates & Buddies

» Page on Facebook: Fossil Fuel Free Future

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4 Responses to This is my second and longest film ever

  1. Birgit Aidt says:

    Hej Alex. Tusind tak fordi du sender mig sådan en fin “fed” film. Jeg er meget stolt af dig! Feemor

  2. Suzanne says:

    Til instruktør, producent og klimaaktivist Alex

    Til lykkkeeee med den super flotte dokumentar om dine oplevelser under din første klimademonstration.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    Stort kram fra Suzanne

  3. Bente Rømhild says:

    Kære Alex,
    Jeg har lige set din fantastiske film. Jeg er SÅ imponeret.
    Og jeg skal love for at du får sagt og vist alt det vigtige.
    At du har knoklet i mange dage med at få denne film lavet,
    DET forstår man sandelig. Det er jo en meget stor og svær opgave.
    Det var rigtig rigtig dejligt at se dig i filmen og høre alt det
    du sagde.
    Hils også din medarbejder Mattias.
    Masser af kærlige hilsner!!

  4. Bente Rømhild says:

    Dear Alex,
    I just saw your fantastic film. I am SO impressed.
    And I love how you are able to tell and to show all the important stuff.
    That you have worked hard for many days to make this movie made, is certainly felt. It must have been a very large and difficult task.
    It was really really nice to see you in the movie and hear everything you said.
    Please greet your employee Mattias.
    Lots of loving greetings!

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