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My sister's first school day, and my second year in South Geelong Primary School

My sister’s first school day, and the beginning of my second year in South Geelong Primary School


In 2013, we visited Santa! Wooow!

Our holiday in Denmark – July 2013. (Click here for more photos)

I’m eight years old now

Screendump from my mum’s facebook page

In Easter Holiday we took a swimming course and got a certificate

Eastern Beach in our city. The round bridge has a fence that protects us from sharks

Now and then, though, we still get attacked by sharks
Vi bliver alligevel angrebet af hajer fra tid til anden

We live near this park

This is our house.

We arrived in Australia on 22 January 2013


Min ‘Baby-blog’

Fotos fra de første seks år af mit liv:

Photos from the first six years of my life:

Fotos af mig og mine søskende på fars Facebook-side

Min sommerferie 2012



Mine egne videoer

Vores Youtube familie-kanal

Denne her video af min Mac-truck og mig da jeg var lille er blevet set over en million gange på Youtube.

This video of my Mac-truck and me when I was small has been seen over a million times on Youtube.