Help us get solar at our school

Today, we collected $17.25 in three minutes by performing our ‘solar buskers song’


Want to know more about what this is about? Then watch this 2 minute video:

…. and then help us get solar on the roof of South Geelong Primary School because then this will be paying $6,000 off every year for environment and sustainability projects at our school, not just one year, but for the next twenty years ahead.

You can donate at

We are collecting money and fundraising in the community and at the school in many different ways. We hope to reach our goal of $30,000 by the end of November 2015.

The Giant Playdate Picnic fundraiser event we organised today in Queens Park added yet another $500. 🙂 We are coming very very close to the $10.000 mark on our ‘solar-meter’ now!


A part of our Green Team and Green Team Parents

A part of our Green Team and Green Team Parents

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