Costa came to our school


Last Friday Costa came to our school. Costa is cool and he is happy at all times.

Costa has his own gardening show and went with me, my bro and my dad to the Pako Festa :D. Isn’t he cool?!?!?!? (YOU’D BETTER THINK HE’S COOL!!)

Here is Costa’s song:


When he came to our school assembly he gave us a little lesson on SUNFLOWERS!!!! And then he visited my BROTHERS grade!!!!!!!!!!! AND he took a PHOTO with MY BROTHER 😐



And then the next day at Pako, he took that PHOTO WITH……… ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!




Here is an interview my dad did with Costa for The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 the Pulse when he visited our school.

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