Presenting: ‘A Viking’s Tale’

This is the third film I have ever made, and also, it is the second fiction movie I have made. We got a few clips from our time in Denmark, and put some comedy inside.

I wrote the script together with my brother in the car on our way to the main location, the You Yangs. We started filming all the way back in beginning of October, and we just finished it now, in November, so again, it turned out to be quite a big production. My dad was the camera man and sound technician.

I hope you will enjoy it.


» You can share it via youtube.

My second film
My first film

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1 Response to Presenting: ‘A Viking’s Tale’

  1. Heinz says:

    Haha! Video is excellent! Fantastic to see what a 9 year old can do and the imagination that’s gone into it!

    Excellent, congratulations, fantastic achievement.



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